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We can unblock your bathroom plugholes in as little as 15 minutes! But for best results, we recommend treating them overnight. Pick up a bottle of Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker from your local supermarket. #ProudlyMadeInTheUK #bathroomclean https://t.co/yeyQoFmSj4 BusterProducts photo

Do you care where your cleaning products are made? We thought you'd like to know that Buster is proudly made in the UK! #ProudlyMadeInTheUK #draincare #plugholeclean #plugholecare https://t.co/lFz8Je3h3x BusterProducts photo

After the winter break, your kitchen could probably do with a bit of a deep clean and freshen up. Don't forget your plugholes!

#sinkclean #kitchenrefresh #blockpreventer #draincare #plugholecare #plugholeblockpreventer https://t.co/cC6kZGpCWK
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