4 unusual items that have been found blocking up sinks

In previous blogs we have talked about food waste that is a common cause of blocked sinks and drains. But what about less everyday items that have been known to snarl up a plughole.

Here’s four unusual things that have been found blocking sinks.
phone blocked up sinks
Mobile phones

People use mobile phones everywhere these days, so it comes as no surprise that some of these devices end up blocking sinks and plugholes.

A survey of phone users found that 12% of people who had lost or damaged their phone had dropped it in the bath or shower while 7% said they had accidentally let go of their handset over the kitchen sink.

But fear not, phones that have got wet whilst blocking the plughole can be fixed by removing the battery, drying thing off and being very patient.

lego blocked up sinks

Lego comes in all shapes and sizes these days – many of the building blocks and accessories are just the right size to get washed down the plughole and cause a blockage.

The moral of the story?  Take care when letting your children play with Lego in the bath or when you are cleaning old Lego in the sink.

cat litter blocked up sinks
Cat litter

Some people report their plugholes have become blocked because they have poured cat litter down the bath or the kitchen sink. Cat litter is intended to clump together and form a solid, so it is no wonder this has caused major problems in plugholes or further down has cause a blocked drain.

The best advice about disposing of cat litter is bag it and bin it, although there are more environmental-friendly cat litters coming on the market that can be composted.

kids toys blocked up sinks
Children’s toys

Plumbers report that children’s toys are a common cause of a blocked sink and bath plugholes. Little plastic figures, rubber gizmos and an assortment of playthings are easily small enough to fit through sink grates and cause problems that can lead to a blockage.

Education is the best approach here. Explain to your little ones why putting toys down the sink is not a good idea and hopefully they might learn not to do it again.

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