Fat traps provide an easy and convenient way to capture fat and grease, rather than pouring it down the kitchen sink (which we all know is a big “no no”).

More aesthetically pleasing than an old margarine tub sat on the side in your kitchen, these 3 fat traps are designed so users can dispose of their fat, oil and grease from cooking in an environmentally-friendly way.

Pouring cooking fat down the sink is now a major problem in the UK, leading to blocked drains and pipes in the home and snarled up sewers across the network.  Disposing of fat properly is a particular issue at this time of year, as families prepare to tuck into their Christmas dinner. In fact, it is estimated that the equivalent of 15 million cups of turkey fat will be poured down the kitchen plughole on December 25th alone.

lakeland fat trapper
Absorb Bin

Here at Buster we particularly like the Absorb Bin biodegradable fat trapper found on the Lakeland website.

The Absorb Bin contains a fat trapper made from a super absorbent material that soaks up the fat and oil and distributes it across the pad.  Once the fat trapper is saturated it can simply be removed and put into the bin – the product is biodegradable, so it is good for the environment as well. The makers say, typically, if you use the Absorb Bin every day the fat trapper will need changing once a week.

And what’s more – its sleek, modern design means it will look good on your kitchen work surface – unlike the old margarine tubs or yoghurt pots you might use to store old cooking fat in at the moment.

fat trap
Less Mess Limited

Another fat trap that caught our eye can be found on the Less Mess Limited website. The tub has a screw cap so the fat and oil can be easily contained and an internal funnel so you can pour the fat in without spillages.

When full the fat trap can be simply thrown in your usual household waste, cleaned out and used again or used to make a bird cake to hang out for the garden birds.

fat controller
The Fat Controller

Another option is The Fat Controller, which works slightly differently by catching fat as food is grilled.  It is made up of a foil sheet that allows excess fat to drain into the absorbent layer beneath.  The sheet can then be put in the bin. With less fat, food preparation is healthier and no fat is poured down the plughole – a double win.

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